Being : ‘Genuine’

Genuineness is sacred. I can tell the genuineness of a person by observing his behavior. Our behavior can be of two kinds, one like genuine flowers and the other like paper flowers. The first comes from the very sap and life of plant, the others have no life in them. They don’t bloom to be flowers and their petals have to be pasted together. Paper flowers can be made to look more beautiful, more attractive than the genuine ones, but in the end paper flowers can never have the genuine fragrance of a genuine flower. Paper flower might survive the day, but it was dead in the first place. It was never meant to blossom, it was only meant to replace the genuineness.

The mind has two states. One is moving, flickering, unsteady; this is thought. The other is calm, silent, still; this is being. It is like a lake, when wind blows and waves are formed, think of it as thoughts, countless thoughts hovering over the mind space, when there are no waves, then its just a lake, being. Mind thinks because the winds of desires are blowing and the beating of winds makes the lake unsteady. To achieve those desires, everything possible is done. During childhood, we are conditioned to choose a path for our lives in terms of what we want to do, and to be what others want from us, our genuineness is compromised.

Thought is a disease. It is continuously upset, unquiet, tense. Thought is distress. It is only because of thought that the experience of bliss does not happen. Everything in this world is quiet except us. Flowers, mountains, earth, sky, stars, moons, suns, everything is quiet and doing what it is supposed to do. Only when it comes to humans, we have no idea of what we are doing and still we are trying to do everything possible. Even if something is not possible we try our best to do it. Man keeps on moving, without thinking why, without thinking where from,  without thinking in which direction. He does not even think ‘Who Am I?’ but keeps on running.

Being genuine is not easy, not in today’s world. People need reasons for you being what you are, but its not possible to reason them successfully every single time. People have perceptions about you, there own reasons, and its not easy to make them believe that their perceptions and reasons are wrong. People have idols, inspirations, people have people to look up to which leads them to act weirdly at times. In all this, genuineness gets to lose itself. A child is genuine as long as he doesn’t starts following the instructions of those around him, as long as he does what he wants, listens to his own conscience and acts according to his own intuitions. As a child grows up, the genuineness starts to drift apart.

Genuineness is not different. Being different is easy, being genuine is difficult. All humans are born different, not genuine. Genuineness has to be achieved, one should not take it for granted. Like birth itself is the opportunity for life, it is not life itself, life has to be lived.  All our lives, we can think of ourselves as different and completely miss being genuine – and millions miss it  for the simple reason that they think just being different is being genuine. We need to be born twice, once for being different, and second time for being genuine. The seed needs to die before it becomes a tree. Being different has to cease before we become genuine.

Just think, if the whole of humanity were being one hundred percent genuine, whatever its capable of, there would be no need to imagine a paradise, we could make it here. But if we cease to be genuine, there exists a weight on each one of us. Be what you are, fearlessly. Genuineness can become your boat to sail through life effortlessly, but we choose it to be a rock hanging in our necks which becomes the cause of our drowning. You are as much as a child of God as Jesus was, there’s no difference between you and Jesus if you decide to be genuine. All the scriptures are reminders. They remind you of the fact that you are the same flesh and blood as Jesus, Nanak and Buddha was. You are similar but yet genuine.

Being genuine is a trick, a strategy. You need to be aware that you are made of the same stuff, the same blood, the same bones, the same marrow as any genuine person has even been made of and yet you are genuine, you are not like them, you are like you. The only difference is that you are trying to copy yourself, you are not trying to be you, you are not transforming yourself. You go on finding excuses, you can’t be you, you can’t do what you want, because you have a family to take care about, you have a wife, a child, you have parents, who have expectations from you, you have to earn money, you have to be something, actually you have to  be everything other than being genuine. Why can’t you be genuine? Why do you go on making excuses? No one is born as a master and a master is never proud, but humble. Roses are not proud, lotuses are not proud, sunrise and sunsets are not proud, the night full of stars is not proud and the moon is not proud. Why? Because these are all genuine. Genuineness knows no proudness. It is how it should be. There is nothing to be proud about it, no ego enhancement about it.

People play the game of ego in many ways. The Indian thinks that he is the holiest, the most spiritual person in the world. The American thinks, for different reasons, that he is special, that he is higher than everybody else, and so is the case with everybody.

I have heard a story about Dr. Radhakrishnan. He was the President of India and he was talking to a few friends. One white man said, “We are the best, otherwise why did God make us white?” Radhakrishnan said to the white man, “You are half-cooked, that’s why you are white!” A black man was also present; he was very happy. He said, “That’s right. We are the best!” Radhakrishnan said, “You are cooked too much, you are almost burnt! WE are the best, we are just in the middle, neither white nor black. Cooked just right.” People go on trying to defend their egos in every possible way and that’s where genuineness commits suicide right in front of our eyes.

Genuineness requires us to be honest with ourselves. To be what we actually are, not what we show ourselves to the world, not even the image we give to our families or to our closest friends. As inside, so outside, that’s being genuine. Laugh when you feel like laughing, cry when you feel like crying, dance when you feel like dancing, love when you feel like loving, be you, the real you because if you are going to show yourself to the world, the world should see every bit of  it.


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