Being : ‘Krishna’

According to Jainism, Krishna is suffering in the seventh hell because he was the cause of the greatest war India has suffered, mythologically. Jains point out Krishna as the one responsible of the violence that took place in Mahabharata. No doubt, there is some truth in it. Arjuna was not willing to fight. He wanted to retire from the war at the last moment. He said it was better that others keep the throne, what is the point of killing all these people who are his brothers. Arjuna wanted to withdraw because it was a family struggle and both parties were connected in many ways.

Arjuna’s own master, Guru Dronacharya, who made him the best archer in the world, was on the other side because he was also the master of his brothers. Krishna was fighting on the side of Arjuna, and his own army was fighting on the other side because both parties has approached Krishna to join them. Mahabharata was a very strange war in which everybody was related. The grandfather of Arjuna, whom he loved and respected, was on the other side. The people with whom he was going to fight were his cousin-brothers – whom he had played and grown up with. Thousands of people would be killed.

Arjuna’s argument was very valid : “After killing all these people, sitting on the throne on all these corpses is meaningless. I will not be happy, I will live miserably all my life. What will I gain? I won’t even have people to celebrate with. Killing my own people with my own hands does not seem worthwhile. It gives me a clear idea that it is better to go to the mountains and to meditate and forget about all this.” But Krishna persisted. When he could not continue to argue, he brought in the last argument, “It is God’s will. Now you cannot disbelieve in God’s will, and it is God’s will that you should fight.”

This has been the strategy of all the priests around the world, “God’s will”. Its surprising that a man of Arjuna’s intelligence did not ask, “If you know God’s will, why is he not speaking directly to me? If it is God’s will, you fight. But as far as I am concerned, I feel this is God’s will that I drop out of this chariot and go to the mountains.”

God’s will has been used to simply destroy our arguments, our intelligence and create fear. If I don’t believe in God, I am going to hell, if I believe in God, then I have paradise and all the pleasures. The Christian goes on seeing Christ, the Hindu goes on seeing Krishna, the Muslim goes on seeing Muhammad, and to see these people, simple psychological methods have been used. A man waking up in the morning starts praying to Krishna the first thing, or to Christ, goes to the church and listens to the priest, reads The Bible or The Gita, which all preach, “Have Faith” and it is repeated thousands of times in hundreds of scriptures which man recites his entire lifetime.

Faith does not change you, you stay the same, but the experience transforms you. This is the only use of faith. Whether your knowledge is true or not, whether it changes you or simply gets accumulated in your memory. With faith, it’s not necessary that you can become a good teacher, a good priest or a good leader, but you can become a good man.

There are people who are just indecisive. They have not yet decided for or against. People are indecisive because religions have criticized each other than appreciating. But their criticisms were half-hearted. They could not go the full length, because to go to the full length they would have to criticize themselves too. A Hindu can criticize a Christian, but only up to a certain limit, because beyond that limit, beyond that limit he is vulnerable.

According to Hindu philosophy, a man who is enlightened is finished with all his evil karmas; he cannot be crucified. Crucifixion is possible only if in your past life you have committed a very grave, evil act. An enlightened man is supposed to have a calm, peaceful death. Jesus was crucified, it fails Hindu philosophy, therefore Hindus can easily criticize Jesus, and therefore, Christianity. But Krishna dying from a poisoned arrow, he may not have committed as grave a crime as Jesus Christ in his past life, but he must have committed something; all his Karmas are not finished, hence it would be absolutely correct to say that Krishna was not enlightened. He was a mere human, may be with an extra bit of intelligence, a better IQ level, therefore he was able to support his argument just before the war between Pandavas & Kauravas.

All these arguments exist because of religion. One should be aware that all the religions are based on superstitions, which may be different but the worst part is that they are also illogical. It does not matter what form the illogicality takes, a superstition is a superstition. Every religion has something that it cannot answer. So they have argued, but their argument was always half hearted. I don’t have anything to protect. I don’t have a religion. I can argue the way. No one can use my argument against me because I have nothing.

Krishna was a man of self. He wasn’t obedient. Obedience means that whatever your parents are saying you have to listen, to follow, you are not to listen to any voice that is coming from your own being. In the beginning that voice is there. Obedience is the method to kill your inner voice. Hence all the societies, all the religions, all education systems praise obedience.  The story of Adam & Eve is of great impact here. They were not punished because they ate the fruit of a tree, they were punished because they disobeyed. They were punished because they listened to their own voice. This is their great sin, their only sin. They were thrown out of the garden of Eden for a simple reason that they disobeyed. It seems that people have not paid enough attention to how all the religions depend on disobedience.

They may call it different names such as belief, surrender, trust, faith, but look into all these words; they are simply saying that you have to follow the dictates which God has given. They have the Holy book, they have the Messiah, they have the Prophet, they have the Gurus, so you don’t have to listen to any voice – particularly your inner voice because that will be again committing the same sin – disobedience.

The story uses the serpent to persuade Eve, but that is just a metaphorical way of saying it. The reality is that Adam & Eve were already curious to eat the fruit because God has prohibited them from eating from the tree of knowledge. It is the same curiosity which arises in children when they are told not to do something, there was no need of serpent, Adam & Eve were curious. This is the religious condemnation of women. Religions never forget that a woman should be condemned. In every story, it is the woman who hears it : the serpent talks to the woman, Raavan talk to Sita, Ram tell Sita to pass through the fire test, Draupadi hears it from her Brother-In-Laws Duryodhana & Dushasana, Mary Magdalene hears it and gets labeled as a prostitute. But there is more to it, thankfully.

The woman can hear the inner voice more easily than the man, for the simple reason that she is not too hung up in her head. She still lives in her heart. It is not a condemnation of a woman, it is turning out to be a compliment, but only those who have a beautiful mind can see the compliment in it, others will still see condemnation. She has more capacity of the inner growth than the man, she can hear her heartbeats more clearly than the man can.

It is a strange thing that a woman has never founded a religion, all the religions are founded by men, and when a man founds a religion, it is going to be intellectual, it cannot be of the heart.

There is a beautiful story I have loved, it is about one of the greatest women of the world, Meera.

She was only four or five years old when there was a great procession, a marriage procession. She asked her mother, “What is happening?” The mother explained, and the little girl said, “When will I be married?”

The mother said, “These are not questions to be asked! You are too small.”

Meera said, “I may be too small but I have already fallen in love.”

The mother said, “What do you mean?”

She said, “In the temple, when I go with you – the statue of Krishna is so beautiful. I have fallen in love with that statue; so whenever you want me to be married, marry me to that statue.”

The mother said, “You are just mad! Just go out and play.” She did not take it seriously.

Meera belonged to a royal family. She finally married into another royal family, but she did not forget to take a small statue of Krishna with her.

The man she was married to must have been a very compassionate man. The first night, when he was going to meet his wife, he heard her talking, so he looked in through the window. She was sitting before the statue of Krishna and saying to him, “My lord, so finally I got married to you!”

It was a shock. Meera was an immensely beautiful woman… but the husband was certainly of great understanding. He turned back, he did not go into the room – Meera remained a virgin. And just to avoid embarrassment, he went to war as the commander in chief. He won the war, but he died in it.

Meera left the house with the statue, singing and dancing in the streets. People thought she had become mad because of the death of her husband. But she would show the statue to them: “My husband cannot die, my husband is always with me. And the one who has died, he was never my husband.”

She became famous. I don’t think anybody has sung such beautiful songs, danced so beautifully, so ecstatically.

She reached the birthplace of Krishna. At the birthplace of Krishna there is the biggest Krishna temple in India. The priest of the temple had taken the vow of celibacy, so no woman was allowed in the temple.

A guard was standing there with a naked sword to prevent women. But when Meera came dancing, ecstatic, he forgot why he was standing there, and she entered the temple. She was the first woman to enter the temple in the forty years since that man had become the priest.

The priest was worshipping Krishna. He could not believe his eyes; the things he was holding in his hands for worship fell on the ground. He was really angry. He said, “Woman, you have some nerve! Everybody knows – nobody who is not a man can enter this temple. You have destroyed my forty years’ austerity!”

Meera laughed, and she said, “I was thinking there is only one man, and that is Krishna, and we are all his lovers; we are all women. I am glad to see that there is another man also in the world!”

The way she said it just penetrated the man’s very heart. He fell at her feet to be forgiven. He said, “I have never thought about this – what I said is simply absurd. Only Krishna is the man – we are all his lovers; naturally we are all women. You are right and I was wrong.”

Meera’s saying that only the woman has a heart-to-heart contact with the divine is of great importance.

But all the religions are founded by men. They are great intellectuals, philosophers, theologians; they spin great, complicated theories – but nothing in them gives the sense that they have experienced. They are only thinking, they are not living.

To think is a very superficial thing, to live is the deepest, and love is the way to go deeper into it.

Krishna was not God, neither the incarnation of any God. Krishna was a mere human who loved, and he loved so many that the world fell in love with him. Krishna loved and lived in it. If I were given a choice to choose between a cross or a flute, I would choose a flute without doubt. A flute needs throbbing lips and supple fingers to play it, whereas a cross keeps hanging in our necks, reminding us that man is born in sin, that life is the original sin. According to the cross, what we think of as life is not God’s gift, but a form of punishment inflicted on man, and I mean ‘cross’ only, I don’t mean Jesus.

A flute needs a singing and dancing heart, a soul brimming with joy and bliss to hold it. I think its time man makes a clear choice between the cross and the flute. It is not that life is without its hurts and pains, it cannot be. But if a person brings his focus only to the hurt and pain and goes on accumulating them, he will soon cease to meet with any happy moments in life. It is not that there is no happiness in life, it has its fair share of happiness too. If someone trains his attention on happiness alone and goes on gathering it, he will eventually cease to come across painful moments in life. Man is free and this freedom affirms him being Krishna, because Krishna was free too.

A cross, a janeu or a kirpan might be forced on an individual, but Krishna plays the flute for the love of it. Nobody has forced it on him, he has chosen it for himself. If you happen to pass by a cross with Jesus hanging on it, you will immediately be depressed and sad. On the other hand, seeing Krishna dancing in ecstasy on the banks of river Yamuna will fill your heart with delight & joy. Pleasure and pain, happiness and unhappiness are contagious; they are communicable from one to another, they spread like wildfire.

But the question that arises, and an important one, that why did the war of Mahabharata happen in a civilization that accepted the flute as its symbol? There is no relationship between a flute and war! The Mahabharata took place in spite of Krishna and his flute. It simply means we are so attached to sorrow, so steeped in misery that even Krishna’s flute fails to bring a ray of hope and joy to our hearts. The flute continued to play and we plunged into the vortex of war. The flute could not change our sadistic natures. It remained only Krishna’s flute, it could not become ours.

Jesus, Mahavira or Buddha will never say yes to war. Only Krishna is capable of doing that. But remember, Krishna is not a warmonger. He is not a hawk, he is a supporter of life, he stands by life, he will fight for it if need be. If the great values of life, without which life would cease to be life, are in peril, Krishna will not hesitate to defend them with missiles. Not that he relishes violence or war, but if it becomes unavoidable he will not shirk the responsibility. That is why, from the very beginning he does everything to avoid Mahabharata. He leaves no stone unturned to avert war and save life and peace.  But when all his efforts for peace fail, he realizes that the forces of death and destruction, forces that are against righteousness, are not amenable to an honorable peace. He readies himself to fight for life.

Life and action are not two different things for Krishna and that’s why he can fight as naturally as he can dance or play his flute. It is remarkable that a man like Krishna, even when he goes to the battlefield, is happy and joyful, he never loses his bliss. It is because war comes to him as a part of life, it cannot be segregated from life. Krishna does not divide black and white, good and evil, as the moralists and priests do. He does not approve that war is purely evil. He says that nothing is good or bad under all circumstances. There are occasions when poison can work like nectar and nectar can work like poison. There are moments when blessings turn into curses and curses into blessings.

Krishna lives in the moment, he lives from moment to moment. In fact, every blissful person lives in the moment, in timeless space.


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  1. This is bullshit, stop spreading this falsehood in the name of Religion. Lord krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead. He is the Lord Almighty himself. Jains who are atheist won’t understand the concept of God, then how can you understand Krishna’s leela. Have you ever read the Mahabharat properly? Do you know what the kauravas were doing? If someone gets into your house and tries to rape your sisters and mother, what will you do? Preach Ahima Parmo Dharma to that person?? I am sure you will fight to protect them, this is what Krishna instructed Arjuna to do. Killing the unrighteous ones were the only way as they didn’t wanted to reformed themselves.

    In regards to the point, which you mentioned that Shree Krishna is in hell. This will be partially true as i would say that Shree Krishna is present everywhere, but he is not in HELL to pay for his mistake. However, he is there eternally in his divine form, Yamraj (Messenger of Death) is also a devotee of Shri Krishna. In fact, everyone is a devotee of Krishna, it is just that we do not accept him due to our state of ignorance.

    Please stop spreading such ridiculous stories of the Lord, i truly respect Mahavira Ji and other Jain monks and priest. I accept Jain as a part of Sanatan Dharma too, as the mission of Mahavira was to guide the ignorant soul to enlightenment. We hindus to accept and recognize him for his contributions.

    God bless you brother! Peace


    1. In Jainism in their next Chovisi (24 tirthankars – Arihant god) one of Tirthankar is of Krishna & Lakshamns soul who are suffering I’m hell because of their karma in present live during 4th Era.. Now it’s 5th Era called Kalyuga..

      Study deeply and then you’ll get spellbinding real knowledge on Universal truth on Karma theory.


      1. That’s your belief mate. Jain philosophy is unacceptable to us Hindus as its reformed “atheism”. The religion does not talk about the Creator, who is Almighty God! According to Sanatan Dharma, which is the eternal faith of Mankind, God created the entire Universe and he is the one who should belief in and Worship. The name of Almighty god is Shree Krishna! I am stating verses from Bhagavad Gita where the Lord declares;

        BG 9.8 O conqueror of wealth, there is no truth superior to Me. Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread.

        BG 9.18 I am the goal, the sustainer, the master, the witness, the abode, the refuge, and the most dear friend. I am the creation and the annihilation, the basis of everything, the resting place and the eternal seed.

        BG 9.22 But those who worship Me with devotion, meditating on My transcendental form-to them I carry what they lack and preserve what they have.

        From all these verses by the Lord himself, we can declare that Lord Krishna is the Supreme God Almighty and the master of the entire universe. Your concept of Lord Krishna and the Hindu religion is absolutely wrong!


      2. You think quoting the words from the person himself makes it right?

        I quote “I believe what I believe and I will write what I want to write. There is no God. Only stories about him. Krishna is a myth. He will always remain only a character in a book called Mahabharata and Gita.”

        Now that I have quoted it, we can declare that there is no Supreme God Almighty and the Universe has no master.

        My concept of no god is absolutely correct.


      3. Karma not applied in Akarma. Full jains ,jealous jain can not understand. read gita to understand karma theory. Hindu allowed you to leave here us our Sahisnuta. You r not that. U all r hypoctrate speading false theory. Go to hell


    2. Kauravas never tried to enter in the house of pandvas
      There are a punishment for pandvas to completing whole vanwaas but they didn’t they broke promise and back to palace and royal life
      Kaurav never willing to rape dropati
      Yudhiathir play with dropati in a game
      And shakuni made kauravas bad
      Kauravas not born as bad
      Shakuni was also right from his side
      Because the time of ruling divided into two
      In hands of kauravas when pandavas should be on jungle
      In hands of pandav when they complete vanwaas and back to kuru
      But what
      Is chir haran of dropati is wrong
      Then playing on dropadi in a card board game by yudhisthir was right

      Yudhisthir himself went to play not been forced
      So both pandav and kaurav were right on their own
      But as per humanity panavas 0.0001% better than kauravas
      Kauravs found shakuni
      Pandav found Krishna
      All people were supporter of Krishna not shakuni so you can say kaurav was bad , because they were against the God Krishna
      Buts its not rational its your own sentiment
      As according to jains there is multi sided truth
      So we believe Krishna should stop Mahabharata not helping to start a great war
      Ab aap lhoge ye vidhi ka vidhan tha or bhagwan ki Leela thi to aapko koi nhi smja skta
      Mera commnt krna to waste h

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      1. You full. Mahavira has nit mentioned as God or Avatar. He selfishly leave sansar and spread false theory. All jain sadhu are in sansar. Hindu sadhu attained moksha on path of krishna. Ram krishna paramhansa, swami vivekananda, meerabai, narsinh mehta, ramanujacharya, sahajanandswami,many more


  2. One blind preaching to another blind as to how the color red appears. Fools, Krishna is the all attractive .. The word dissected to its core is the Great Attractor. Search Great Attractor and read what you will find if it fits your timid brains. As to the vaishnava who defended Krishna, I offer my respectful greetings and obeisance … As to the other fool who told the Supreme person to be a myth, my friend your own existence is about to be consumed and you will remain a myth. Adiós amigo

    As to the writer, I appreciate your adventure and the love of at least one aspect of the Supreme. As for Jainism, I am sorry to say that had it not been for your community who stood on the shoulder of titans like us (vedic), you all would have been made mummies buried under 300 feet below ground. Still you guys are not accepting the truth. No problem. It’s because Krishna has arranged for you all to rot in darkness till your karma improves. Millions of years for you all to suffer. Except for someone who is attached to Krishna’s flute playing.


    1. Some stupid persons saying we jains are not accepting truth and Vedic people were titans

      Now come here and read
      What is truth ..
      Truth is that Krishna was cousin brother of neminatha who became Krishna’s spiritual teacher later .
      Neminatha have done high level of tapasya and attained moksha .. And he called gora angirasa .
      Krishna cant do that level of tapasya
      Because he was busy in worldly things like raas Leela , fighting wars , probably chaar so bisi also

      But neminatha taught a lot to Krishna
      That’s why we could able to give lecture to arjuna and we know that as a Geeta .
      Vedic titans ..?????
      There are ni Vedic people who were kings , warriors.
      Vedic people have done only yagya and killed many horses, goats, cows,
      As per Bali pratha
      Even Krishna was not a Vedic person he was harivanshi Kshatriya but stupid Vedic people made him bhrahmin

      Jains are real titans
      Bharat king .. Son of rishabha deva was rule of whole Asia .. Bahubali his youger brother was ruler of dravida and gave up it to bharata then the place knows as bharata (today’s India,shrilanka, Bangladesh,Pakistan,afganistan,Indonesia,bankok,even half of china)

      Rishabha dev himself started the ikshvaku clan then it devivded in two Surya clan and Chandra clan
      Rishabha was first king of world and first teacher of world mention in also your stupid Vedas

      Shantinatha and vimalnatha greatest warrior of their time

      Rama even become a shraman(Jain) monk in the end of his life

      Janaka father of sita was not Vedic .. He followed the ahimsa vrat of Jainism(shramanism)

      Neminatha himself defeated his cousin Krishna in malla yuddh(by hands) they fought on the purposal of Krishna just for fun .

      Parsvanatha defeated the king of kalinga with a very small army

      Kalakacharya a Jain monk defeated the king of Ujjain gardbhilla

      Kharvel the king of kalinga who ruled from south to north India was a Jain king

      Chandragupta marya was a jain

      Ashoka accepted Buddhism but was born jain

      Bimbusara father of ashoka was a jain

      Maharani of Karnataka defeated mugals 5 times in hind mahasagar on ships

      Kumarpala a great warrior of gujraat was Jain

      Founder of 0 was Jain monk before 200 years the Arya bhatta rediscover it

      So you can say where are Vedics and what position Jain have
      Plese shut your mouth if you don’t know the truth

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      1. That’s your beliefs dear so called Jains. I respect the great founder Mahavira ji, that’s why I am quiet as you were once part of our Sanatana Dharma. If a Musalman had told me this, I would have given him a good reply. Jainism might be appealing to some people, but definitely not to us Hindu (Followers of Sanatan Dharma) as it denies the concept of Bhagwan or Ishwar. Our version of Mahabharat is interpreted differently from the Jain version. So, if you Jains want to actually understand the real mahabharat and Shri Krishna’s role in it, i suggest you to approach a great Satyapurush (Saint) who is capable to exhort to you the real meaning of it. Making out your own meaning of it is just nothing but foolishness. I shall not continue with the so called debate on this issue as I believe that every individual are entitled to its own set of opinions. I am proud to be a Sanatan Dharmi (Hindu) and I am sure that you guys are proud to be a Jain Dharmi. You follow your faith, while I follow mine. God Bless!


      2. Haha. Joke! Your version of truth is for aliens bro! Who is this Neminatha?? I haven’t heard of this fella in the entire mahabharat bro. Krishna’s spiritual teacher was Sandipani and not this joker Neminatha. Till today, i have not seen a dumb person like you. Here I am trying to stop our conversation with due respect and here you are trying to act smart. I know you won’t accept our beliefs and I definitely I won’t accept yours. So just stop trying to act like a smart alex! You follow your so called Jain dharma! LOL


      3. Keep your stupid tirthankar’s jain philosophies and myths to yourself.
        If it were true and made 1% sense, then the whole world admiring bhagvada geeta and sanatana dharma would have been following you jain’s shitty vedas and not our vedas.
        But they don’t right?
        So shut the fuck up and keep this bullshit to yourself
        Jainism is nothing but bullshit



      4. Keep your shitty jain philosophies to yourself, shove it up each other’s ass.
        The world doesn’t believe in your myths, they don’t even know the existance of your shitty scattered philosophies and religion and you’re questioning the greatest and the oldest religion in the world.


  3. Huh, I lost it at “Krishna was not God, neither the incarnation of any God. Krishna was a mere human who loved, and he loved so many that the world fell in love with him.”

    How sidetracked is your own mind by your own version of truth that easily dismissed all the miracles he showed throughout his lifetime? The slaying of asuras, the transformation of a hunched-back perfume woman into a beautiful lady, the turning to mangoes into pure gold, the production of pearls in the land of Vrindavan, teaching Lord Brahma a lesson? Was all that a lie? It might be unbelievable but it also doesn’t make much sense to only believe whatever suits your logic or conscience and rule out others as false or non-existencial as far as the truth is concerned. Truth has a place of it’s own. Sure you can twist the truth all you want just to suit yourself or who knows, even fool people for your own hideous agenda? The Vedas and Puranas are not to be underestimated. The discovery of electricity, what makes a space craft fly, the direction and manipulation of energy and everything finds their mentions in them. India was much more advanced than the westerners and the whole world combined today.

    Coming to karma, nobody can escape it. Once, even the supreme God or demi Gods choose to incarnate as humans or other mortals for their own purposes, they have to take full responsibility for their own actions. Even exalted and kind souls like Yudhisthir went to hell to pay off his karmic debt. Gandhari, the woman who when cursed Krishna, destruction of his lineage followed and Dwarka is underwater now, somewhere in Gujarat. Krishna doesn’t need the tag “enlightened”. As mentioned in puranas, he is the full manifestation of the Godhead. There is one more incarnation of Lord Vishnu to take place in future, it’s Lord Kalki. I assume you heard about the Kalki prophecy. Out of all of his human avatars only Krishna was fully aware of his state of being. He was aware that he was the full manifestation of the supreme personality and hence preached Arjuna with his true self. Lord Krishna also showed his infinite manifestations to Arjuna, who almost cried and fell to his feet at the battlefield after witnessing the Godhead’s full glory. It scared him.

    And lastly, it seems like you are cherry picking only the parts of the so called “mythology” that suits your belief-system. Krishna is not a manifestation of God but he was a man who went to 7th hell due to the great war Mahabharata? Makes me want to laugh at you. Do atheists believe in hell? Do you? The Puranas and Vedas quote all of Lord Vishnu’s avatars; be it human or animal or both and Lord Krishna beautifully finds his mention in the list. So, I don’t have an idea how you managed to come up with such concept of yours about Krishna. Krishna was anything but ordinary. If you bother to dive deep into the so called “mythologies”, you would also discover that all his friends and family/relatives were incarnations of demi-Gods. Krishna’s sole purpose of birth was to restore dharma. You can choose what to believe in, you have my respect for you in there. But creating a whole new version of Krishna’s life and state of being, you rule out the very source which introduced Krishna to the humankind at the first place and all the truths associated with it. There’s more to it, friend. He is not a character of your own books that you could crop into any sort stories as you please. You are NOT the source to his truth, the Vedas and Puranas are. You have the freedom to believe as you please. You can even twist the truth as you please but doing so would prove nothing else but your own delusions.


    1. What are Vedas and Puranas if not mere books with loads of stories of gods being born as only men and women but not as dogs or elephants or cats or ants or bacteria?

      Quoting incidents from other books such as Mahabharata do tell me how much you love reading interesting stories. I write many, do spare the time to read some.



      1. You are trying so hard to sound cool but oh you are not.
        I’ll be obliged to summarize jainism in just 2 or 3 lines altough that bullshit is not worth spending my 5 minutes even so.


  4. Can’t speak for religions like Christianity and Islam but Hinduism was not started by men. Furthermore, the term Hindus was basically used to describe people who lived in the land of Sindhu in old days. That doesn’t make up for our religious identity. Sanatana Dharma and Hinduism are NOT the same thing. We all know what “ism” is. While the latter is more of a geographical identify (even though people today use it interchangeably with the term Sanatana Dharma), the former is the set of natural laws by which the world runs, living or non living) and hence, it is a NOT a religion. It is dharma/ law/ science (call it whatever) of everything. Hence, followers of Sanatana Dharma can claim they have no religion. But the same doesn’t go for Christianity or Islam. You could say it was basically started by a man or after a man but even after that, who knows? These facts can’t be ignored. Hinduism can’t be put in the same box as Christianity or Islam. There are no hard and fast rules in Sanatana Dharma which also includes atheism. More like, you only follow certain *instructions* in rituals/pujas accordingly to achieve the desired effect you need in life. It’s like cooking a dish you desire to eat with the help of right ingredients in right amounts and right timing. That is what rituals and pujas are supposed to be about. You can associate your faith with it or you can simply use them as tools to create the effect you need. Do you know why they say faith/devotion can move mountains? If you generate enough energy in your mind, you can transform/ change life accordingly without having to follow these instructions. Mirabai is a perfect example. People who are purely devoted to God or anything in life listen to only their inner voices because that is directly linked to the divine. A simple man needs all the help and instructions he can get in life, whereas a man who generates enough energy with faith doesn’t need them. They become ultimate outlaws in society who perform/display great feats in life. It goes both ways. Lord Shiva was one of them. He was the perfect yogi. Nothing affected him; angels or goblins because he used to dance to his own beat. Prahlad, another great devotee of Lord Vishnu. These exalted souls didn’t need any instructions in life. They could do as they please because they were directly one with the divine. That is the true meaning of surrendering to God. You are God, God is you. That is oneness. Your inner voice is always in alignment with God. It doesn’t mean suppressing your own intelligent thinking process to the idea of God’s will or something. What you tag as superstition has no meaning for you or me. People who follow it blindly without understanding it are superstitious or else all the puja, tantra-mantra, yoga, voodoo and alchemy are only tools to create the desired effect in life. Spirituality is more liberating than following a particular set of beliefs. The freedom to not believe in God is the greatest thing about Sanatana Dharma. We have a reason to be proud about the Sanatana Dharma versus the religions.


    1. So true
      And this siddhartha guy is trynna act all cool after being read a few religious books, dude if u can’t interpret them then don’t try to degrade it



  5. Why offend when you can’t defend? I like that you can choose to believe or not to believe in God. You have disagreed with me so much in one day that it doesn’t feel right to agree with you at all, moreover, you haven’t enlightened me with any over the top knowledge other than what I read in the books you mentioned before I turned even 10. Actually, I love to dance on my own tune, just like your Lord Shiva. Does that make me him?


    1. Gosh! You are the first Jain who is insulting Santana Dharma. Thank god i wasn’t born in such a faith where they deny the existence of Almighty God. Don’t forget, when Jainism was at the level of formation, we were enjoying the past times of Shree Ram and Krishna. Jainism itself is a fallen branch of Sanatan Dharma, where it teaches that there is nothing is this world and it deny the concept of Bhagwan etc. In Jainism, what one have to do is nothing but so called so karma! Which is a man made effort to reach god, i wouldn’t want to waste my precious time in debating with a person who thinks Vedas and Puranas mere books with nonsensical stories. Continue with your beliefs mate, we are still in the majority among the Dharmic tradition! I am proud to be a Sanatana Dharmi !


      1. 😄😄

        I am proud to not be a jain or a sanatan dharmi or associated with any nonsense religion for that matter. You go on loving your illusion, let me enjoy my reality.


      2. Enjoy your own reality ? Since when did ordinary netizens like yourself start manufacturing your own reality? Ha ha ! Now prepare for unforeseen consequences


  6. There, you have said it. It doesn’t feel right to agree anymore, why would it? You already dismissed all other truths associated with it. You have already limited yourself from trying to gain further knowledge anymore by creating a new version of God on your own and claiming you have read and discovered everything by the time you were 10. Tell me, were you reading Kalki Purana or the versions of Indian mythology written by western indologists (who most of the time are always trying to corrupt the spiritual foundation and ancient history of India) by 10 or much better, children’s story books? You ruled out all the miracles Krishna performed in his lifetime so easily like he’s a character from your own books. He’s not. I already said I can’t speak for religions like Christianity or Islam, let someone from those religions defend them. The fact that Hinduism is not a religion and so cannot be put in the same box as the religions of the world can’t be ignored. I bet you didn’t get to read or hear THAT by 10….maybe until recently.

    The writers of these books are sages and seers of time. The Vedas and Puranas are merely not story books for children and grown ups alike. They are the foundation of knowledge. Electricity in India was already discovered by Sage Agastya in the ancient times before any westerners did. Read about it. The same sage also wrote a book on Nadi Astrology. Maharshi Bhardwaj, a sage of vedic period (1500-500 BC) put down as much as 500 guidelines of aviation for aircrafts that could not only fly forward but also backward. One of the most prominent thing the world has adopted from Indian culture is Yoga. I think you must’ve heard about Kundalini, the opening and alignment of your bodily energy centres for the dormant serpent-like energy to rise through it. Should I assume you knew ANY of that before 10? Take some time to reflect on these things please since these aren’t merely fancy jokes our culture has brought up.

    And lastly, sorry to have offended you. You think so little of our Vedas and Puranas, it obviously rubbed me in the wrong way. But I can see that you also don’t have much idea about them or else this wouldn’t be the case. Anyways, love and respect. Also hope you keep gaining further knowledge in life.


  7. why you guys fighting on whether god exist or not? or is krishna a god or not? the stories of mahabharat is true. Archaeologist are proving there existence and not us. we believe in book. i dont support people treating one form of god as superior over others. i believe every god as equal and i think you should believe the same. so if facts written in books proved being happened up to a certain extent then why cant u believe that other facts in the same books also exists as books are written thousands years before we even were born and no one can make such the things in books exist in current period unless it actually happened. The way he teaches is the best way than others. i believe because i read others books too and second i never prayed god unless i read the holy books.


    AND LET’S GET BACK TO JAINISM NOW, DO U EVEN KNOW THAT THE “Gods” u worship are just the preachers,learn to differentiate then question the oldest and one of the greatest religion on earth….
    And tbh, the teachings of jainism are the bullshittiest claims and theories i have ever heard.. “don’t shower, because when the water hits the ground it kills the organisms”
    “Cover your mouth with a cloth so that it doesn’t kill the microorganisms while u speak”
    And ofcourse, there is more
    Like wth??
    Do u even know that inside your body? Thousands of cells and microorganisms die and regenerate regularly?
    Unfair to microorganisms?? KILL YOURSELF


  9. I live in a colony and jains are a majority here, YOUR claims and theories makes me PITTY YOU FOOLS. AND YOUR “MARASSA(S) which u worship like gods,
    They refrain from using water and washrooms right, well that doesn’t give them a right to POOP ON OUR TERRACE AND OFCOURSE SECRETLY




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