Being : ‘Sidhharth’

Man is made of the stuff called love, and its true for the existence as well. The whole existence is nothing but the love energy, in a thousand and one forms. Its expressions are millions and love can be expressed in million ways, even sometimes in such ways where you cannot imagine how love can be. Once you realize that everything is the form of love, it is foolish to wait. If one is going to love, then why wait? Why suffer unnecessarily?

I call those people ‘real’ who are ready to go headlong into existential trips of love, beauty and truth. One has to be crazy enough, only then you will boil and evaporate. Anything at the extreme point starts trembling and ready for the next level. It is almost like a plane taking off. It has to run fast on the runway to gather speed and when all the engines are running fast and there is more and more speed, it takes off. The same is true about life. Love only takes off when the engines are at the maximum.

Sidhharth was a lover and he has been the most famous lover ever. He is known by another name as well, but by giving you that name I would like you to beware of a certain danger. Nobody can become a lover like him and there is no need to. Each individual has to become himself or herself. Do not follow or imitate Sidhharth, he loved the way he could, you learn to love the way you can. Even if you want to love like him, live like him, you have to resist the temptation of becoming a carbon copy, because when you learn to love like him, when the flower blossoms in you, then only you will follow him and that will not be an imitation of anything. There has never been anyone like Sidhharth and there will never be anyone like him again. Each individual is unique, original.

It is said that the words are not important but the meaning is the most beautiful and the most significance one can experience. It was a full moon night and Sidhharth was sitting under a tree when he faced a new question. He had faced many questions and because he was able to dissolve all those questions, he was not even aware before that this question, the last one, would also arise at a certain moment in his journey. It was compassion.

All his worries about the present, the past and the future disappeared as if they never existed before, as if he had been asleep and it was just a nightmare. Now that he was awake, all those dreams were not there but a new thing, a new experience, so unique that he hadn’t even dreamt of it.

Compassion is the name of that state. The whole energy which is involved in passion is purified, refined and it becomes compassion. It no longer wanders, it opens its wings and is ready to fly. But what about those people who are still wandering in darkness? Can he simply be so selfish that he can forget all about them? There were his friends and enemies, lovers and those who hated him, people who nourished him all his life and the people who wanted to destroy him. But when the compassion arises, the difference between the friend and enemy disappears. Now everyone is a fellow human being and world becomes one big herd of humanity.

Should he look back or just go ahead and disappear into the compassion he has found? He has come to the point from where, there is no barrier for him. He can move and fly like an eagle into the open sky of love, beauty and truth. But Sidhharth is not happy. There is music, celebration, dance because compassion is achieved only once in a while. Only once in a while there is a man like Sidhharth who rises to such heights that paradise has to rejoice. But he is sad, because he is not thinking about the moment of happiness, he is thinking about the friends and enemies who are still wandering, not knowing where to go, not knowing what to do.

Should he go back and forget all about the bliss and its pleasures, its eternal love, its every moment’s rejoicing? He has achieved it with great difficulty. Now that he has found it, and now that paradise  is celebrating to receive him, should he enter the gate? But that will be utter selfish, ugly – not worthy of a man like Sidhharth, whom the world knows as Gautam Buddha!

He told the gatekeepers, “Please shut the doors again. I cannot come in. I will wait until the last human being has passed into the paradise. I am going to be the last human soul and these doors will not be opened again once I enter. It may take eternity but it does not matter. I see millions of sad faces, hearts full of tears, people who have never known a smile, their whole life is just hellfire.

“No, please close the doors. I am afraid if the doors remain open, in some weak moment I may be tempted to enter.”

Buddha still stands outside the gate of paradise, because we all are still groping. He stands outside for us and for the millions of the past and the millions of others who will be coming.

This may be just a beautiful story but it contains pure truth, unpolluted.

Buddha remained silent because there was no sense in talking when nobody is going to listen and everybody is going to misunderstand you. Buddha remained silent and it has been the greatest insult to humanity. It has been the greatest loss to the future, to the coming generations. The people around him should have persuaded him to speak, to share his experiences but he did not utter a word about it. He spoke only to those who were thirsty, he did not tell people to follow him because he knew those who will follow him willingly, will understand him too.

Gautam Buddha is perhaps the first democratic religious person, who says that every human is a potential god and finally, all are going to blossom into godhood. This has a beauty. Only a man like Buddha can deny God because he has found him. He has found him not somewhere else, but in himself. Now, God is not an object but his own subjectivity.

There has been a simple technique. Whenever you are depressed, wait for the moment that the depression goes. Nothing lasts forever, the depression will go. When it leaves you, wait, be aware and alert because after the depression, after the night there will be dawn and the sun will rise. If you can be alert in that moment, you will be happy that you were depressed. You will be grateful that you were depressed because only through depression this mint of happiness was possible.

When depressed, simply be depressed. Don’t fight it, don’t create any diversion, don’t force it to go. Just allow it to happen, it will go by itself. Life is a flux, nothing remains the same. You are not needed, your actions are not needed, the river moves by itself, you don’t have to push it, allow it to flow. Nothing is wrong, everything is for the good. This should be the attitude of religions worldwide. One may not believe in God, that makes no difference. Buddha never believed in God but he was religious. There is no need to believe in afterlife. There is no need to even believe in a soul. Religion means this trust: that everything is for the good. The trust that everything is for the good is a religious mind, this is religiousness.

If you trust that everything is for the good, you will realize the goodness in everything. The goodness can be realized through such trust only. Even the storm is for the sake of silence. Evil exists for the sake of good, death exists for the sake of life, suffering and agony are just situations in which ecstasy can happen.

Look at life in this way and the moment  will not be far off when suffering will disappear completely, when pain will disappear completely. One who knows that agony exists for the sake of ecstasy cannot be agonized. One who knows and feels and realizes that suffering exists for the sake of happiness cannot be made to suffer. It is impossible. He is using suffering itself to become more happy and he is excited about the time when suffering will cease and happiness will arrive. He has gone beyond the rules of the world, he has taken a jump out of the cart of fools.


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