Being : ‘Crazy’

There was a boy who was such a mathematical wizard that at the age of twelve he could do calculations in his head that stumped Einstein when he was forty. Unfortunately, this boy was so involved in equations that he had no time for anything else. He was getting crazier about mathematics everyday. His parents were very much concerned. In an attempt to divert him, they took him to watch a movie. His parents were very happy to see that their son was utterly engrossed in the movie. At the interval, they asked him cheerfully whether he was enjoying the movie. To that question he replied,

“Do you know there were 66,359 words spoken by all the characters in the first half?”

There are people for whom it is very difficult to put their head aside. They have completely forgotten how to put it aside. The boy’s way was no way to enjoy. He was counting the words, he was not counting the moments of silence which surrounded every word. This is exactly what all of us do. We listen to the words and not the poetry that surrounds the words. We don’t listen to the rhythm, to the song, but the words.

This is the difference between what I call ‘normal’ people & ‘crazy’ people. When something beautiful and extraordinary happens, ‘normal’ people began to describe it, whereas ‘crazy’ people simply get lost in it. In the end, they are the ‘crazy’ people who understand the beauty of the extraordinary. ‘Normal’ people miss it at the very last moment. It happens to everyone. The world itself is a very crazy place to be. It is really far out and the very same thing is going to happen to everyone, every time. Make a mental note to yourself. Whenever you feel that something unknown has knocked on your doors, don’t be worry about it, don’t try to express it, don’t start thinking how to say or write it. Let it be. Go into it. Be drowned with it. Be drunk with it. Don’t make any effort.

The world of a crazy man dances in laughter and tears. You may have seen it happening sometimes to a madman; a madman sometimes laughs and weeps together. People just laugh, or may be wonder what is happening. Laughter is okay, tears are also okay, but both together? To me, that appears just fine. He has shun his duality, even if it is happening without his concentration, but his division has fallen away. A few weeks ago I noticed a beggar while getting my slippers fixed by a shoemaker. He was lost in his own world. He was busy lighting fire under a piece of paper which contained some drugs. The paper began to burn, the drug powder caught flames and turned into smoke. The beggar breathed the smoke once, looked up, looked aside and caught me watching him, he ignored me, took a deep breath again, looked up, looked aside and caught me still watching him. I expected some sort of reaction from him but it didn’t come. He didn’t want anyone to disturb his moment of enjoyment. We locked eyes several times during the period I was there. I felt pity on him but he was living in a lonely pride. He had separated himself from the world, he had put on the robe of a beggar, he had declared to the world, “I don’t belong to you and you don’t belong to me; I am no longer a part. I am going away”, and he has become very egoistic. He doesn’t care anymore. Is he crazy? Or is he mad?

There are people all around us but only those who can go crazy are the real people, others are just dummies. Craziness happens in two cases. Either you have too much of energy or have no energy at all. It always happens that very creative people are almost always prone to go mad because they have too much energy, and all the people who are mad are the people who could be used in a better way. But the society has not yet allowed, has not yet evolved the methods or techniques to help these people. They are potentially very powerful people but have been repeatedly labeled as crazies.

Craziness is one of the most powerful energies of humanity. It can create great painters, musicians, writers, inventors and it can destroy you too. It is fire: you can cook your dinner, but you can burn your house too. One needs to learn the ways to control this craziness. One of the most effective ways is that of love. Just go on finding ways and means to be loving. The more loving you are, the more your energy will start flowing in the creative dimension. When people love, they become creative, when love dies, they become destructive. They can be destructive to others, they can be destructive to themselves, either they become murderers or they become suicide victims, but the energy is the same which could have been a blessing to themselves and others too.


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