Being : ‘Crazy II’

I wrote Being : Crazy yesterday and thankfully, I received a lovely response yet again. I usually write whatever I have to in one article only but for the first time I was informed that the article felt incomplete. One of my very special readers, who will be celebrating her birthday this weekend, frankly told me that she wanted to read more about being crazy. So, my dearest reader, this article is my dedication to you. Stay beautiful, be crazy.

What is being crazy? How to be crazy? When to be crazy? All these questions are worthless if one doesn’t know the answer to this question : Why to be crazy? What is the need? Why try a crazy idea?

To be hot is the nature of fire. To be empty is the nature of sky. Similarly, being crazy is the nature of humans. Nature is something that cannot be separated from us, whatever may happen. Anything from which we can be separated is not our nature. Let this truth sink deep into you. Your true nature will remain inseparable from you. Being crazy is natural for us, that’s why we should not even try to be normal.

I believe whatsoever is worth achieving in life can be achieved only by being crazy. Life is an opportunity to achieve, whether you spend it in collecting pebbles or in search of a diamond. Life is a completely neutral opportunity. Life does not tell you what to achieve, rather it gives you whatever you want from it. If you collect pebbles, accumulate worthless things, or waste your life in increasing and inflating your ego, life will not prevent you from doing so, or you may dedicate your life in attaining the ultimate depths of life, visualizing the multi-dimensional scale of it, then too, life will not object in your doing so.

People have made arrangements to deceive themselves. They think life is to live sensibly. They write down their duties and follow them all their lives, thinking about their sure shot reservation in heaven when they die. But, death is not an opportunity, death is the end of all opportunity which we already have while we are alive. Once we die, all sorts of stupidity starts happening. A dead body is carried to the cemetery and the crowd utters Gayatri Mantra or recite the name of divine or chant “Ram Naam Satya Hai”. How would a dead person be hearing Gayatri Mantra? When living persons do not hear, do not understand the meaning of these ultimate mantras, how would a dead or dying person understand? Why such stupidity? There is a secret in it. The dying person is unable to hear anything, but the living ones who are uttering it for him to remain under the assurance that at the time of their death, somebody will utter it for them – and the goal will be achieved. They have invented stories of this sort. These stupid people have invented stories!

They say, one person was dying and he had a son named Narayana, one of the names for god, and at the time of his death he shouted aloud the name of his son. Hearing this, the god Narayana, who resides in heaven, was tricked. He thought that he was being remembered. Narayana felt happy and the dying man was called to heaven. The dead man’s soul was surprised to find itself in heaven. But his utterance of name Narayana at the time of his death had managed the miracle. This is what they say.

Let me tell you that there are thousands of similar stories and billions of people around the world stupidly trust these stories. Christians go to the weekly Sunday service and ask forgiveness for their sins in the past week. Hindus ring bells countless times in the temples. Sikhs rub their noses in front of their Holy Book and ask forgiveness. No, things cannot be managed so cheaply and a god who can be deceived so easily, will only be a bogus god. Deceptions don’t work in the real life, it is another matter that you may console your mind with such stupid ideologies.

There are people who stand out, who do not fall prey to any of the stupid ideologies. They consider themselves perfectly normal and they are, but the world labels them as the crazy ones, and the crazy ones, again, find it perfectly normal to be called crazy. Both crazies and stupid have their attention on the same things, but their viewpoint is entirely different. Somebody desires money; if he gets money he thinks he has achieved everything. Someone else thinks that if he could give up money he would have achieved everything. But both are focused on money. Somebody thinks there is pleasure in man or in woman, and someone else thinks there is pleasure in renouncing man or woman. But then central point to both of them is man and woman. Somebody thinks the worldly life is heaven, someone else thinks this world is hell, but the attention of both of them is on the world.

I mentioned yesterday that only crazy people are creative. Creation is a crazy phenomenon in itself. Just think about the big bang, that’s how the universe came into existence and it is still under creation. Or on a smaller scale, think about the phenomenon of your own creation, wasn’t that crazy? Two cells, sent into a frenzy and in that frenzy, the creation happened. Ordinarily, one can create only in frenzy. So all creative people are crazy, they live in a frenzy. There is loads of energy when they become very creative, then gaps of laziness when they simply rest, that time they cannot do anything. Moreover, all creative people are a little imbalanced. If a person is absolutely normal, he cannot be creative.

Normal people have not created anything in the world. Edison, Newton or Einstein – they are bound to be a little neurotic. So if you drop your creativity, you can drop your frenzy but then you will settle on a very normal level and it will not be satisfying because you will feel that something is missing. Something that you could have done, you have not done. You have been avoiding something that was your destiny and trust me, no one can feel at ease if he avoids his destiny.

Do not settle against creativity. Move into it. If you want to settle, settle beyond it. Be crazy. Accept your frenzy delightfully, allow your natural self to exist effortlessly. It is part of the deal. If the going is rough, the going is rough! That’s how it was meant to be. Don’t think about it, you just be crazy. There is no need to fall down and settle below, there is a way to go beyond. A river falls into a waterfall but it does not settle there, it goes on singing and dancing towards the sea. It is good to settle but I would like you to settle beyond your creativity so that you can remain creative and yet you can remain happy and peaceful in your own being. Any creative activity is like a demon, it possesses you, it drives you crazy. It carves you into new shapes of your being. It destroys you and then it recreates you. For one month, or even for a week, drop all the resistance and accept the frenzy that exists inside you. Talk when you feel like talking, write when you feel like writing, nothing is wrong in it, nothing will be wrong about it. Someone might call you crazy and be happy about it because that is what your aim is, to be crazy. Be so crazy about your craziness that sometimes you go ahead of it and your frenzy is coming after you, your craziness is following you, dragging behind, trying its best to catch up with you. You just be crazy, do not drag behind. For one week, be what you really are, or do something even better, be crazy for a day!

Lastly, my dearest reader, your day to be crazy is about to arrive. Make sure you be one.


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