Being : ‘Born’

Birth is a magical moment, not only for the mother and the child, but for the entire creation. Existence is because of the process of being born and it is our birthright to inquire about it, about life, about what it is all about. We should be acceptable to change at every step of our lives because change is what happens at the very beginning of the process of birth. But, people choose to ignore the change. If you are going through a change, people will disapprove you, even the closest ones, your friends, family, everyone will try to tell you that you are wrong. In all this opposing, condemning and dilemma, the strength of the single individual is lost. Majority of the people around you will provide arguments from the religion, the society. You will always be doing things with minority support, and when majority is against you, it is going to take revenge. It will tell you, “If you had not done this, you could have done that. If you had not chosen this, you could have chosen that. But you are a fool, you won’t listen. Now suffer. Now repent.”

First thing religions have done is to destroy your integrity, your wholeness, your strength. Destroying your strength is very necessary to enslave you and this is a very subtle slavery, psychological, spiritual and stupid. They don’t need handcuffs, chains or prisons, the religions have created much improved arrangements which start working from the very moment you are born, they don’t miss a single moment.

In hinduism, the brahmin gets hold of the child the moment he is born, and the first thing he does is make a birth chart; and this brahmin will follow the child his whole life. On every important occasion of the child’s life, the brahmin will be there to guide him, the brahmin will decide about his marriage and the brahmin will decide in death. The brahmin gets hold of a child’s neck at the time of birth and he does not let go even after death. For years, even after the death, stupidity continues, various rituals are to be carried out to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the departed soul. What utter nonsense!

Jesus says man cannot live by bread alone. That is true of an authentic man but not true about the masses. As far as the masses are concerned, I say to you, man lives by bread and bread alone. And there are only masses – where is the authentic man?

These politicians, these priests, they don’t leave anybody to himself so that he can become authentic, so he can get his original face, so that he can find himself. Everywhere there are people with vested interests in every child. And the child is simply a tabula rasa, nothing is written on him; it is a great temptation for everybody to write something on him.

The parents, of course, would like to write their religion, their caste, their philosophy, their politics, because the child should represent them. The child should carry their inheritance. If they have been Hindus for centuries, the child should be a Hindu, carrying the heritage of Hinduism to future generations. They are not interested in the child’s own potential, nobody is interested in it, they are interested in their own investment, and of course everybody is investing. The parents are investing so much in the child, giving birth to him, raising him, educating him; and everything is conditional, whether it is said or not, that is not the point. They will ask one day, “We have done so much for you”, now is the time that you should be conscious of what they are doing, because this is how they have been brought up by their parents, generation after generation, the same process.

The teacher is interested that the student should represent him. The religious teacher is interested that the disciple should be a model of his teachings. What I want you to remember is that everybody is interested in the child for something in which the child is not interested at all.

But the child is very helpless, he cannot fight all these people. They are powerful. He is dependent on them; if they want to make something of him, he has to become that. This much is absolutely clear to the child, that if he goes against the parents, he is misbehaving, he is betraying them. These ideas are also given by the parents, the priests, the teachers. He feels guilty.

In a better society, and when I say in a better society, I mean a society which understands each person’s integrity, respects even a small child’s being, and does not impose on it. But that society seems to be far, far away, because all people have got their vested interests, and they cannot stop their trips; they have to use and exploit people.

Somebody becomes a president; you never think that he has become president at your cost, that something in you has been killed so that this man can become the president of the country. If everybody was left unique, original, it would be impossible for the people who are presidents and prime ministers, who are ruling the whole world and who have been destroying the world for thousands of years and go on destroying it, to continue doing this.

With individuals there will be totally different kinds of societies: there will be communes, not societies. There will be no nations, because there is no need. What is the need of nations?

The whole earth is one.

Only on the maps do you go on drawing lines, and over those lines you go on fighting and killing and murdering. It is such a stupid game that unless the whole of humanity is mad, it is impossible to think how it goes on continuing. What is the need of nations? What is the need of passports and visas and boundaries? This whole earth belongs to us: wherever one wants to be, one has the right to be.

The sun is nobody’s property, the earth is nobody’s property, the moon is nobody’s property; the wind, the clouds, the rain – nothing is anybody’s property. Why do you draw these lines?

Nobody can understand it easily, soon you will see lines on the moon. Right now there are not but soon you will see a Soviet zone, an American zone, a Chinese zone. Nobody  will ever live there. There seems to be no possibility of life growing on the moon. The moon is a dead planet, not a single drop of water. Yes, you can be there for a few hours with all your gas masks and oxygen cylinders and everything, but this is not the way that people can live there permanently. Nevertheless, they have put their flags over there.

The simplest solution to save humanity is to remove all the lines from the map, and just from the map, because on the earth there are no lines. If we can just remove all the lines from the map, we won’t have the third world war, and we will not need so many armies all around the world. Millions of people are doing nothing except turning left, turning right. If somebody is watching from above, he will be surprised. Why do people go on turning right, then left, then about turn, then march, then come back, disperse, every day millions of people all around the earth? He will certainly think something is wrong, some nut, some bolt, needs to be put right.

These nations can exist only if your personality is false.

These churches and religions can exist only if you don’t have your original face, because a man who has his own original face, what business has he to do that he needs to go to the pope? For what? There is no reason why he should go to any religious teacher or to any temple or to any church. Why should he become a Mohammedan, a Christian or a Hindu?

With your original face you will feel so contented, so immensely fulfilled and at home that there will be no search left; you will feel you have found it.

Be ignorant, accept that you are ignorant and from that point you can start the search.

Every child is going to be burdened. I hope that someday it will not be so. In fact there is no need, because when you are studying Mathematics , you can understand very simply that this is not truth, it is only a hypothesis. With this hypothesis it becomes easier to understand the triangle, the circle and everything. But remember that at the base there is a hypothesis, and the whole palace is hypothetical. Similarly, your God is a hypothesis and the whole pyramid of theology is based on nothing but that hypothesis. If you start looking into things, it does not need great intelligence, it needs only simple innocence to see.

That’s the point I want you to notice. You have accepted everything up to now: what they have said, you have accepted. You have to start questioning, start doubting. Don’t be afraid of authorities – there is no authority. Christ, Mohammed, Nanak or Krishna – nobody is an authority, and if they are an authority, then they are an authority to themselves, not to you.

You will be an authority only to yourself so that someday you come to know the truth of your own original face. Then too, you will not be an authority to somebody else. Nobody can be an authority to anybody else.

This whole idea of authority has to disappear from the world.

Yes, people can share their experience, but that is not authority.

I don’t want to force anything on you, not a single word, not a single concept.

My whole effort is  to, somehow, make you alert and beware of all authorities, and the moment you see there is some authority hanging around your being, throw it out.

Be finished with all that has been given to you, forced upon you, and the original face will start showing up.

You never know, you cannot even imagine what your original face will be, what your true being will be.

You will know only when you know, when you are face to face with yourself, when there is no hindrance of any kind and you are left totally alone.

In that aloneness have flowered all the beings that have flowered.

Not many have flowered. Only once in a while. It is a strange tragedy that millions of people are born and only once in a while a person blossoms. That’s why I say there is no gardener, no God looking around, watching, caring, otherwise millions of trees and only one tree comes to flower? Spring comes and goes and only one tree blossoms; millions of trees simply remain barren, unproductive. What kind of gardener is looking after the garden?

This is enough proof that there is no gardener, no God; but that does not mean that you have to become pessimistic. In fact that gives you a new dimension, that you have to be your own gardener. It is good that there is no God, because you can be your own gardener. But then the whole responsibility is yours, you cannot blame anybody.

I am taking the God away so that you cannot blame the poor old man whom everyone knows as God. Enough! He has been blamed for everything: He created the world, He created this, He created that. I take all that blame away from Him, He does not exist.

You have created Him just to throw your responsibility on Him. Take your responsibility back.

Accept your uniqueness.

Accept your ignorance.

Accept your responsibility, and then see the miracle happening.

One day, suddenly, you will see yourself in a totally new light, as you have never seen yourself before.

That day, the pre-birth process will come to an end. That day, you will be born.


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