One of my four years old post is gaining a lot of attention recently. I am getting hate emails, stupid threats and angry comments about it.

Generally, the followers of Krishna, or any other self proclaimed god man, should never bother about what the rest of the world thinks of their self proclaimed god man. Still people take the pains to clarify till the last breath about how their religion, their belief system is above everything else. I am surprised to see people have typed thousands of words defending their ideologies which I didn’t question at all in the first place.

To tell you the truth, I am least bothered about who is reading what I write and who is not. People with small minds have and will always get bothered by a free thinking mind where as a free thinking mind doesn’t have one free fuck to give to anyone. He will go on thinking, talking and writing whatever he desires.

If you think sending hate mails or cursing me the way your parents cursed you in your childhood will stop me from speaking my mind, you are mistaken and you are a fool as well. You are doing no harm to me but only to yourself.

What you need is a moment to chill, sit back, relax and think when was the last time you handled an argument the way it is supposed to be handled. Quoting verses from Vedas, Gita and Puranas doesn’t prove anything to anyone and self declarations hardly matter. Growing up five feet few inches tall doesn’t give you supremacy over anyone. Writing nonsense on my blog will get you nothing and do not even think about tracking me down to cause any physical harm to me because you don’t have enough hairs between your legs to stand in front of me and confront me. I used to sing lullabies to put babies like you to sleep a decade ago.

Anyway, I am open to discuss, as long as you are willing to discuss in a healthy manner. But, the moment you try to fuck with me, let me tell you, I will be rude, rough and raw. Think you can handle that?

Think again.


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