Back Again

How do I justify myself of my ignorance towards regular writing?

All I have written are two posts in the last one year. This is crazy. I haven’t been so busy, I have just stopped caring about it. This is unacceptable. There have been times when I have handled a lot on my plate, have bit into more than I could chew and swallow but during none of those times in the past year I have given preference to write.

Why? This is the question I ask myself today and have no answer to, not yet.

Stories have taken place, a lot of stories. Incidents have happened, I have learnt quite a few lessons in the last year. The biggest lesson of all has been to move away from people mercilessly and destroy them before they try to conspire against you. If you see a friend involved in a conspiracy, use him, do not warn him, do not try to save him or you will find it hard to save  yourself. Friendships drag you in the modern world. Only the tested and tried are worth caring for. All the new shiny ones, who flock around you like tigers as if you were nothing but a piece of meat will be the first ones to bite your ass as soon as you shut an eyelid.

Care for yourself first of all. If you do not get time to do something that you love the most, put everything else on hold and do that one thing. You grow by doing what you love. You need to do what you love everyday, in continuity. It has to become as natural as sunrise and sunset. It has to become time, always taking place in the now. Be in the act, become the stage.

Earn from wherever you can. Money is not everything and yet it is one of the main ingredient to your freedom. You are nothing but a slave if you go through your monthly calendar eagerly and impatiently in order to buy something you have been eyeing for a while now. One source of income is too risky to depend on. Create inward flowing tributaries of money and as it comes, do not be afraid to let it go. With more money, comes more expenditure. Nobody ever became rich by saving money. The more you spend, smartly, the more chances you create, naturally, to earn more of it.

Build class. Not only in what you wear, but also in what kinds of people you spend your time with. It is always helpful to have a good time and nothing is more helpful than having a good time at a great place. Life is all about special experiences. Make sure you create the same often.

Involve everyone. Dogs and cats will never help you in time of distress. People will. Never do bad to anyone who wants to do any sort of good to you. Even a bad parent will always have good intentions towards his/her child. Understand that most people are the way they are because of the circumstances they have gone through in life. Know their stories and do not be angry if they are not willing to share. People do not like to project a sad image of themselves but most of the times you can see what they are portraying is just theatrics.

Happiness is like the outer skin of your body. You have to take shower everyday to maintain it. You have to work on it consciously to keep it the way it is or else it smells.

Trust me, you don’t want the world to know the stories your smell tells.

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