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A first year college dropout, Sidhharth has worked as a shoe packer in Jammu, as a rickshaw puller in Amritsar, as a typist in Delhi, as an Exports Manager in Amritsar and as a Country Sales Manager in Dubai.

He moved back to India in 2012 and ever since then, he has been writing rigorously on (previously about his experiences gained in twenty nine years of existence in the form of articles, stories and memoirs.

In another shift, he went back to Dubai in 2014 and is currently living there alongwith his wife.

He has the natural quality of attracting people by engaging them in serious conversations and makes an undying impression on everyone he meets.

He is an agnostic in the word’s truest sense and refers to himself as a five feet seven inch tall question mark because of his skeptic attitude. He is a voracious reader and an internet addict of the highest degree.

Sidhharth can be reached by searching either his username ‘isidhharth’ or his email ‘’ on almost every social network out there. If he is not on one of those yet, don’t forget to check next week!


I term myself as the craziest mix of a curiosity driven traveler, a Kathakali artist, a Journalism student who broke up with Journalism because of its weird and disloyal nature questioning her upbringing and virtues, a food and drink analyst of Delhi and lastly a new-born writer who presents seasonal yet emotionally packed articles. Being a parent of the owner’s baby ‘MuktiMantra’ (with very less responsibilities assigned) is not a small thing. He gave birth to this website with utmost love followed by greater hopes and aspirations. There are some dreams fulfilled and accomplished and there are still many unknown territories to conquer. He motivates me in every phase of my life and which is why I am associated with MuktiMantra through him. I am bad when it comes to meeting deadlines. All it takes is one blow in the head and my fingers start working automatically. I write the way my mind and heart speak to me in isolation. I can’t match up with the fellow writers of this website but I will make sure my writing expresses me and my emotions correctly and effectively with the least expectations of likes or shares!
Happy Writing!
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