अजीब सी है यह दुनिया, कहते थे मुझे “तू है आने वाला कल”, पर मैं तो कल ही ना देख सका | घुटन सी हो रही है इस लकड़ी के डब्बे के उनदर, अम्मी अब्बू का दिल साथ लेकर, नाजाने क्यों गोलियाँ उतार गया मेरे अन्दर, मैने पूछना ज़रूरी नहीं समझा | काले जूते, मुहContinue reading “शिकायतें”

Thank You

I was getting ready for college when my uncle called from the hospital. She was no more. I didn’t know whether to feel sad that she has died or to feel happy that she has died at last. The news of her death wasn’t shocking to us but her loss was unacceptable. She was onlyContinue reading “Thank You”


[The article was originally written on the night of 22nd December 2012 after days long protests against the gang rape & brutal assault of a physiotherapy student in a moving bus. The Indian Government mercilessly passed orders of retaliation and the protesters were canned, manhandled and severely beaten. The victim succumbed to her injuries onContinue reading “Reflections”

An Encounter With Death

I had never been to a graveyard in my life before. It was my uncle’s death anniversary. I didn’t know him much but I felt a connect, a strange connect when I stood beside his grave. The news of his death last year was shocking. No one expected that this would happen. Not even myContinue reading “An Encounter With Death”

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