One of my four years old post is gaining a lot of attention recently. I am getting hate emails, stupid threats and angry comments about it. Continue reading


Being : ‘Timeless’

Once upon a time there were two beggars who begged together and ate exactly the same food everyday. One had two bowls and the other had just one. The beggar with two bowls divided his food into bitter and sweet. He could do so because he had two bowls, one to collect bitter food, one to collect sweet food. The man with one bowl naturally mixed the bitter and sweet together. As time passed, the beggar with two bowls grew thinner and thinner, while the beggar with one bowl remained healthy. At last, the beggar with the two bowls saw his death approaching, and asked the other in desperation about his vitality and vigor. Continue reading

Being : ‘Free’

This article refers to my profile picture which I published on Facebook today evening. I was, by birth, a Sikh, and I tried my best to understand the ideologies of Sikhism. I followed the life span of ten gurus, the way they lived, the messages they shared with the masses, the good deeds they did, the bad deeds they did and turned them into good deeds by giving strong arguments against the justification of their actions, I went through everything. I wrote an article in March titled “The God, The Devil & The Human” in which I presented my personal views & counter views of popular religions around the world. The article has been liked more than it is hated. I wondered what could have been the reason of its success in the times where people are just looking for a reason to kill anyone on the name of religion. Wars are waged, riots take place, youth and populations are misguided by those in power and are used against the same youth and populations. Continue reading

Being : ‘Born’

Birth is a magical moment, not only for the mother and the child, but for the entire creation. Existence is because of the process of being born and it is our birthright to inquire about it, about life, about what it is all about. We should be acceptable to change at every step of our lives because change is what happens at the very beginning of the process of birth. But, people choose to ignore the change. If you are going through a change, people will disapprove you, even the closest ones, your friends, family, everyone will try to tell you that you are wrong. In all this opposing, condemning and dilemma, the strength of the single individual is lost. Majority of the people around you will provide arguments from the religion, the society. You will always be doing things with minority support, and when majority is against you, it is going to take revenge. It will tell you, “If you had not done this, you could have done that. If you had not chosen this, you could have chosen that. But you are a fool, you won’t listen. Now suffer. Now repent.” Continue reading

Being : ‘Perfect’

2:45 am

‘If you could change three things in me, what would those three be?’ he asked.

‘No, I don’t want to change anything even if that makes me angry or whatever’, she replied.

‘Sure?’ he asked again.

‘Yes! If life is already perfect, is there any strive left? I don’t think so!’ she exclaimed. Continue reading

Being : ‘Crazy II’

I wrote Being : Crazy yesterday and thankfully, I received a lovely response yet again. I usually write whatever I have to in one article only but for the first time I was informed that the article felt incomplete. One of my very special readers, who will be celebrating her birthday this weekend, frankly told me that she wanted to read more about being crazy. So, my dearest reader, this article is my dedication to you. Stay beautiful, be crazy. Continue reading

Being : ‘Crazy’

There was a boy who was such a mathematical wizard that at the age of twelve he could do calculations in his head that stumped Einstein when he was forty. Unfortunately, this boy was so involved in equations that he had no time for anything else. He was getting crazier about mathematics everyday. His parents were very much concerned. In an attempt to divert him, they took him to watch a movie. His parents were very happy to see that their son was utterly engrossed in the movie. At the interval, they asked him cheerfully whether he was enjoying the movie. To that question he replied,

“Do you know there were 66,359 words spoken by all the characters in the first half?” Continue reading