Surprised, not so much.

I have been surprised multiple times today. So much that I have had to take out time to put it in writing because I didn’t want to lose the essence of this feeling that is with me since last night. It feels as if I am on a constant high since the two beers IContinue reading “Surprised, not so much.”

On The Rocks!

The word ‘Magic’ can be associated with very few things in the world. The things that you look forward to all the time because when you did it for the first time, it was magical. For example, first kisses are always magical, first hugs as well, if done properly. In 1999, I was thirteen yearsContinue reading “On The Rocks!”

Valentine Lost

“Doesn’t she look like Aishwarya Rai?” I said to Rajan. She was gorgeous. I have always had this habit of falling in love with beautiful things, words, people and I fell for her on the first day I saw her. It was the first day of the sixth standard in school, back in 1996. TheContinue reading “Valentine Lost”


“Hauz Khas”, Varun said to the auto driver and the auto started to make its way through the busy road of Green Park market. He checked his watch, though there was no sense in checking the time. Time was of no importance today. He had reached Delhi a few hours ago and it had beenContinue reading “Rendezvous”

Being : ‘Perfect’

2:45 am ‘If you could change three things in me, what would those three be?’ he asked. ‘No, I don’t want to change anything even if that makes me angry or whatever’, she replied. ‘Sure?’ he asked again. ‘Yes! If life is already perfect, is there any strive left? I don’t think so!’ she exclaimed.

Love, As I See It!

In the last few days, I have talked about love with two people who affect my life in one way or the other. The talk which was left incomplete once felt more than complete the other time. Now I feel the need to write about it. To write what I feel about love and soContinue reading “Love, As I See It!”

About Hate & Love

Ever thought hate is also a love relationship? Behind each hate, love is hiding, and behind each love, hate is hiding. In fact love and hate are not two things. They are not love and hate, the whole energy is love/hate. That’s why any love relationship can change into a hate relationship very easily –Continue reading “About Hate & Love”

You’re ok, I’m ok.

In 1998, scientists decided to count all the bacteria on Earth. They put the total number of bacteria on the planet to be somewhere around 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, in short, Five Million Trillion Trillion. And this number is way less when someone asks me about how to describe love? I can describe it in more words thanContinue reading “You’re ok, I’m ok.”

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