अजीब सी है यह दुनिया, कहते थे मुझे “तू है आने वाला कल”, पर मैं तो कल ही ना देख सका | घुटन सी हो रही है इस लकड़ी के डब्बे के उनदर, अम्मी अब्बू का दिल साथ लेकर, नाजाने क्यों गोलियाँ उतार गया मेरे अन्दर, मैने पूछना ज़रूरी नहीं समझा | काले जूते, मुहContinue reading “शिकायतें”


Have you ever wondered about the design of time? Well, I have. It exists as naturally as the constant vibration of the cosmos, and as artificially as the tick of the second hand of a wall clock. The passage of time reflects in everyday life as effortlessly as breathing. Time serves the same purpose toContinue reading “Time”


[The article was originally written on the night of 22nd December 2012 after days long protests against the gang rape & brutal assault of a physiotherapy student in a moving bus. The Indian Government mercilessly passed orders of retaliation and the protesters were canned, manhandled and severely beaten. The victim succumbed to her injuries onContinue reading “Reflections”

Being : ‘Joyful’

Joy is a language that we have completely forgotten. We have been forced to forget it, compelled to. Actually, sometimes I feel the society is against joy, the entire civilization is against it. The society invests tremendously in misery, it depends on misery, it feeds on misery, it survives on misery. It feels like theContinue reading “Being : ‘Joyful’”

The Happy Rebel

He is popularly known as ‘The Happy One’. In Jammu, you will find him at a busy traffic junction, standing beside traffic police inspectors, or you will find him at the crowded bus stops. Wherever you see him, you will see him smiling the broadest smile possible for him. He would behave very generously, offerContinue reading “The Happy Rebel”

Rock Star

By AmanChawla 30th November, 2011, Janakpuri District Centre, Delhi, About 4’o clock in the evening. “Jo bhi main, kehna chaahun, barbaad karein alfaaz mere… oh yaye…. oo yeahyeahye…” is what I was repeatedly humming while stepping out of Satyam Cineplex. The lines of this very special song from the movie ‘Rockstar’ were struck in myContinue reading “Rock Star”

Begging. A Curse, A Need Or A Lifestyle?

If we shuffle through the pages of history, begging is as old as the first civilizations in India. There have been influential beggars all over the history and the biggest and the most influential of them was Gautam Buddha, the son of an Emperor, who chose to denounce the world and traveled in search ofContinue reading “Begging. A Curse, A Need Or A Lifestyle?”

The God, The Devil & The Human

  (Claimer : The writings in this article are entirely mine. The views & counterviews presented in the article are my own. I have a clear intention to offend anyone who considers himself, or herself, religious just because they’ve been following the instructions laid down by their parents and society and have not taken anyContinue reading “The God, The Devil & The Human”

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