The God, The Devil & The Human


(Claimer : The writings in this article are entirely mine. The views & counterviews presented in the article are my own. I have a clear intention to offend anyone who considers himself, or herself, religious just because they’ve been following the instructions laid down by their parents and society and have not taken any initiative towards knowing & understanding the positive & negative aspects of religion.)


Of God, the Devil & the Humans, we have really good scientific evidence  for the existence of only humans. There are good humans & the bad humans. Religious extremists, however, see bad humans as the work of Devil, and a larger number of good humans, not so extreme in their views, claim to see in nature the evidence of intelligent design by God.

With God comes religion and every religion around the world tells humans to follow itself so that a human being can attain a seat up in heaven after dying. I ponder if every religion guarantees heaven, then it must be the choice of an individual to follow any religion. Religion cannot be forced on anyone. It has to be accepted by an individual himself. If my father is  a Sikh, it doesn’t mean that I am bound to be a Sikh all my life! Religion is not something to be inherited, it is something to be discovered.Continue reading “The God, The Devil & The Human”

You’re ok, I’m ok.

In 1998, scientists decided to count all the bacteria on Earth. They put the total number of bacteria on the planet to be somewhere around 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, in short, Five Million Trillion Trillion. And this number is way less when someone asks me about how to describe love? I can describe it in more words than the total number of bacteria on Earth. I love for a living. I am the love ambassador!

I can write about love all my life and still, there would be a little more to write. However, I am pretty sure you won’t like to read a single article all your life! Therefore, I am trying to make you believe in love in three simple steps.Continue reading “You’re ok, I’m ok.”

Death and Its Effects on Life

The Fortune Teller


An astrologer comes to you and offers to tell you about your future. He starts with your past. He speaks affirmatively and gets 3 out of 5 incidents correct about your life so far. You begin to trust his abilities as a fortune teller. You start questioning him about the future. What would be your questions? Would you ask him about when will you fall in love? When will you get married? When will you have success in you career, life? I bet all of us will ask every possible question to an astrologer, but we will never ask him when, where & how are we going to die?

Death is scary. It scares us to such an extent that we just turn a blind eye towards it. It takes place on daily basis, every minute, every second, someone dies. But we manage to make ourselves understand that we will, somehow, not die soon.

Wikipedia describes death as the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. This definition is correct and acceptable as per the science. But science is not the only thing that runs the world.Continue reading “Death and Its Effects on Life”



Why Mantra?

First things first.

I am not going to tell you about the ‘mantras’ from the ‘vedas’ or the ‘upnishads’ or any other religious scripture. I am going to tell you about the mantras of the modern world, mantras of the current civilization, which is going through time at such pace that even God would be sitting amazed in heavens.

When Neil Armstrong stood on the moon and described the achievement as a “One Giant Leap for Mankind”, the world changed. When Steve Jobs launched iPhone, and with it a whole new category of devices which took the human-machine experience to a level never imagined before, the world changed. When the civil revolutions began to uproot the decades old dictatorship in every Middle Eastern nation, the world changed. What drove these brave men, these extraordinary people to step ahead and achieve the impossible, do the unimaginable?

All these people had a vision. Vision requires action so that it can become reality. Action requires motivation so that there is no backing out once the first step is taken. Motivation comes through belief that whatever we are doing will bring good & positive results. A mantra is required to maintain this belief.Continue reading “Mantra-duction”

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