Being : ‘Free’

This article refers to my profile picture which I published on Facebook today evening. I was, by birth, a Sikh, and I tried my best to understand the ideologies of Sikhism. I followed the life span of ten gurus, the way they lived, the messages they shared with the masses, the good deeds they did, the bad deeds they did and turned them into good deeds by giving strong arguments against the justification of their actions, I went through everything. I wrote an article in March titled “The God, The Devil & The Human” in which I presented my personal views & counter views of popular religions around the world. The article has been liked more than it is hated. I wondered what could have been the reason of its success in the times where people are just looking for a reason to kill anyone on the name of religion. Wars are waged, riots take place, youth and populations are misguided by those in power and are used against the same youth and populations. Continue reading


Being : ‘Krishna’

According to Jainism, Krishna is suffering in the seventh hell because he was the cause of the greatest war India has suffered, mythologically. Jains point out Krishna as the one responsible of the violence that took place in Mahabharata. No doubt, there is some truth in it. Arjuna was not willing to fight. He wanted to retire from the war at the last moment. He said it was better that others keep the throne, what is the point of killing all these people who are his brothers. Arjuna wanted to withdraw because it was a family struggle and both parties were connected in many ways. Continue reading

Being: ‘Jesus’

One evening, there was a storm in Lake Galilee. A boat was on the verge of sinking. There seemed to be no way of avoiding disaster. Passengers and boatmen were equally helpless. Gusts of violent wind shook everyone to the core of their being. The waves had begun to break into the boat.  The shore was far beyond reach. But amid the raging storm, a man was sleeping soundly in a corner of the boat, unruffled and unworried. His companions woke him up, shadows of imminent death lurked in their eyes.

Walking, the man asked, “Why are you all so frightened?” – as if there was no reason at all to be afraid. His companions stood dumbfounded. They could not utter a word. He asked them again, “Have you no faith?” Continue reading