Non Existential Tomorrow

Four months ago, I decided to write a blog post every alternative day and I ended up not writing even one during all this time. I suck at meeting deadlines and yet I arrive everywhere right on time. Two absolutely contrasting constraints, one would say. This is my problem and I must deal with it, for the rest of my life. What you can do, for now, is to stop delaying things until tomorrow, especially the ones you can do today. Continue reading



Psychologists say that search for God is nothing but the search for the womb, and they are on the right track because in the womb, the child is utterly restful, absolutely relaxed. There is no tension, no worry, no responsibility, the child is one with the mother, the mother is the Universe for the child. Even before the demand arises, supply is there for the child. Economic laws of demand and supply do not exist for a mother. In the womb, the supply is made before one demands, so everything is so utterly tranquil and at peace. A child experiences this for nine months. Those nine months are an eternity for the child because the child has no time concept. They are nine months for us who are outside, but for the child it is long, an eternity, as if it is forever and forever the child has lived in that peace, in that home. Continue reading