Big Question

Imagine a day, just one day, when no one asks you any questions. No one asks you where are you going, no one asks you the direction to somewhere they need to reach, no one asks you what time it is, what date it is, no one asks you what time you will leave, what time will you come back, no one asks you whether you missed them, whether you love them. In short, imagine a day when no one is bothered about you.

How would you spend that day?

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Being : ‘Nanak’

It is said that the darkest hour is just before the dawn. It was dark, moonless night, pitch black. One could hear no sound other than the singing of a child. The village was asleep, had been sleeping all night and a child had been singing in his room. The mother of the child was worried because the night was more than half over and the lamp in his room was still burning. She could hear his voice as he sang. She could restrain herself no longer and knocked at his door, “Go to sleep now, my son. The night is almost spent!” Continue reading