Being : ‘Crazy II’

I wrote Being : Crazy yesterday and thankfully, I received a lovely response yet again. I usually write whatever I have to in one article only but for the first time I was informed that the article felt incomplete. One of my very special readers, who will be celebrating her birthday this weekend, frankly told me that she wanted to read more about being crazy. So, my dearest reader, this article is my dedication to you. Stay beautiful, be crazy. Continue reading


Being : ‘Guilty’

Guilt is heavy. The feeling of guilt can change the course of a person’s life. Guilt is the realization of mistakes which brings several other factors in play such as feeling sorry, trying to correct the mistakes, to repair the damage done, to make peace with the ones who were made to suffer, to clarify our actions and to make promises that the similar mistake won’t happen in future. But, all these factors are worth an effort only if the feeling of guilt arises from within and is not forced externally. Continue reading

About Hate & Love

Ever thought hate is also a love relationship? Behind each hate, love is hiding, and behind each love, hate is hiding. In fact love and hate are not two things. They are not love and hate, the whole energy is love/hate. That’s why any love relationship can change into a hate relationship very easily – in a single moment. A single moment before you were in love, and now you hate. And vice versa is also possible.

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