The Inheritance

Have you ever thought about the concept of inheritance? In a world where no one guarantees about the events of the next day, people love to inherit. A father’s property, a mother’s favour, a brother’s approval, a sister’s concern, people are eager to inherit all sorts of things and people are not ashamed to askContinue reading “The Inheritance”

The Roommate Chronicles

How long a time is six months? Is it long enough to know someone? Is it long enough to fully understand someone? Is it long enough to develop a lifelong friendship with someone? Is it long enough to fall in love with someone? Is it long enough to fall out of love with someone? NoContinue reading “The Roommate Chronicles”

To Be, Or Not To Be

“I hate long flights.” “I’m sorry!” “Long flights! I hate them. One has got nothing to do other than eating, sleeping and watching movies.” “One can have a good conversation.” “I don’t think so. Two people cannot converse on a single topic for a long time.” “But two people can converse on several topics.” “ForContinue reading “To Be, Or Not To Be”

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